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How to Get Distribution Yourself

Seek out ideal distribution companies and research their track record. Google them and if they have bad press, exclude them from your list!


Always seek out the expert advice of an entertainment lawyer. They may even know the right people for you!

Have all your delvierables ready. Having a separate audio track without the actors' audio will be one of them. Invest in audio mixing so it can increase your chances at entry! Also, have an SRT file ready, for your subtitles.

Make sure your distributor gives you access to their revenues/sales tracking system. Their dashboards will prove useful on how much they owe you.

Enter in many film festivals. Being selected, nominated and winning awards gives you better exposure to other networks since festivals may know the right distributor for you. It also gives your film more authority, putting you in a much better bargaining position.

Higher leverage power = Better Distribution Deal for you!

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