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Jury Membership Rules

 Being part of the MIWAFF Jury not only offers the chance for you to vote on our winners, but also to network, to have free admission to our festival, and get a discount at our Awards Ceremony.

• Jury members must be at least 18 years of age. Memberships expire at the end of this year.

• To apply, you must fill out the MIWAFF Association Membership Submission form here.

• Individuals with criminal backgrounds will not be admitted.

• Association Members must still pay for their film submission even if they're part of our Association. 

• Members must comply with the basic codes of conduct. Any violation of the codes of conduct will lead to penalties or even expulsion decided to the discretion of MIWAFF executives.

• If a member fails to vote before the voting deadline, no other chance will be awarded to that person to vote.

• Each member should view each submitted film from start to finish before submitting his or her votes.

• MIWAFF Association members must abide to the non-disclosure clause, unless otherwise stated, supported by MIWAFF. (All information, visuals or content pertaining to submitted MIWAFF films must stay secret between MIWAFF individuals and externally. Failure to abide to this rule will result in direct expulsion from the Association. All content must be run through the MIWAFF executives before being posted on any social media platform).


• It is to the discretion of the MIWAFF Executives to take any decisions upon pending expulsions, disqualification and/or penalties.

• Films are to be campaigned in a respectful manner (view code of conduct clause). Failure to do so can result in disqualification of film and/or expulsion of the Association Member, if that is the case, in question.

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