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2018 Wreath Award

Nominees & Winners

Best Documentary:

Jaime Villena Ferrer, "From Sun to Sun" (Spain)

Andreu Signes, "I'm Burning" (Spain)

Junyong Lee, "Night of Collapse" (South Korea)

Best Cinematography

Jeff Zwicker, "Scattered"
Clement Arenou, "DNA of Wild Beats"
Olivia Kuan, "Point Defiance"
Christopher Raymond, "SIJI: Driver"
Margaux Magis, "The Shroud/ Le Linceuil"
Andreu Signes, "I’m Burning"

Rising Filmmaker

Ellie Harvie, "Scattered"
Julian Biba, "The Red Rose"
Delphine Montaigne, "DNA of Wild Beasts"
David Morrison, "Walled In"
David Chai, "SIJI: Driver"

Best Music

The Crossfaders, "About the last nights"
George Kallis, "Walled In"
Matthieu Lechowski, "The Shroud/ Le Linceuil"
Tasos Eliopoulos, "SIJI: Driver"
Mel Elias, "Point Defiance"
Andreu Signes, "I’m Burning"

Best Actress

Candice Zhao, "SIJI: Driver"
Harper Kennedy Cullen, "Walled In"

Deb Sears, "Scattered"
Vanessa Williams, "The Man from Earth: Holocene"
Tanya Mattouck, "DNA of Wild Beasts"
Julia Gratens, "The Shroud/ Le Linceuil"
Sarah Butler, "Point Defiance"

Best Actor

David Lee Smith, "The Man from Earth: Holocene"
Derek Philips, "Point Defiance"
Damien Boisseau, "The Shroud/ Le Linceuil"
Patrick Duke Conboy, "SIJI: Driver"
Josh Crotty, "Point Defiance"
Al Bernstein, "Walled In"

Best Director

David Morrison, "Walled In"
Marie Vandelanoote, "The Shroud/ Le Linceuil"
David Chai, "SIJI: Driver"
Ellie Harvie, "Scattered"
Justin Foia, "Point Defiance"

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